Oriocx Etna 21 Pro Trail Running Shoes: Now available to buy

The Oriocx Etna 21 Pro are now on sale: The most innovative trail running shoes on the market

This September we bring you good news for Trail Running. The 1st Trail running shoe entirely developed and designed by a Spanish brand,, will be released on the market, and it will be baptized ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO.

Would you like Albert Soley to explain it to you? Watch YouTube video

In addition; It will be the 1st Trail shoe to incorporate a Drainage System for water in its sole, whose design prevents blockage due to mud. This drainage system developed by ORIOCX takes the name of Shark-Drain System®. An innovative system that allows to dislodge all the water in 5 steps ; in addition to offering your foot a plus of breathability when running. We bring all this innovation to you from La Rioja, a region that has generations of experience manufacturing footwear.

At ORIOCX we are the 3rd generation manufacturing footwear, and especially mountain footwear for the last 15 years. For this reason, with the ETNA 21 PRO we want to offer a complete Trail shoe y that can be a very competitive option in the sector (recommended RRP: 129.95 €). And to achieve this, has been tested and optimized for more than 1 year in collaboration with Albert Soley. Catalan Trail and Steeplechase athlete of international reference: Spartan Race Mountain Series Champion, Spartan European Championship Runner-up and 3rd place in the Spartan World Championship.

This collaboration brings together the generational experience of ORIOCX manufacturing footwear with the technique and field experience of an athlete like Albert Soley. An athlete who has put the shoe to the test in all kinds of conditions: Snow, rain, mud, technical terrain, granite and sandy terrain, with steep descents, etc. The result of this collaboration; to obtain a Trail shoe suitable for any distance, and that incorporates the 5 main characteristics that no other brand has been able to offer together:

  1. Ultra-fast lacing system by pressure for a perfect fit to each runner.
  2. 360º compressive sock up to the ankle to prevent the entry of stones and improve the fit of the foot in the shoe.
  3. Comfortable last with technical drop that keeps our adipose tissue or plantar fat fixed and without lateral movements. Greater stability and less fatigue.
  4. Breathable materials that do not absorb water or mud.
  5. Durability and Lightness, less than 300g in size 42EU.

At ORIOCX our pillars are innovation, sport and nature; and with the shoe ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO they are reflected.



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Buenos días
Me gustaría saber si tienen zapatillas de trail para pesos altos?
Yo peso alrededor de 89kg.
Y de drop 10 o 12
Muchas gracias ya me dicen alguna cosa
Espero su pronta respuesta


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