Our Oriocx athletes sweep their Oriocx Malmo in the Olympus Race Andorra

Albert Soley and Irati Beorlegi sweep their Oriocx Malmo Rojas in the Olympus Race Andorra

Irati Beorlegi with Albert Soley showing off their Olympus Race trophies

Last weekend the obstacle course was held in Andorra Olympus Race Andorra. Our Oriocx athletes Irati Beorlegi and Albert Soley met in this race that marks the beginning of their season in this sport. Being a short-distance and very technical race (due to the obstacles and the profile of the Andorran terrain) they did not hesitate to take their Oriocx Malmo to go light and with an advantage in complex areas .

The Oriocx Malmo Rojas that they used in the Olympus Race Andorra

Finally both got the first place in their categories and taking a comfortable advantage over their competitors; which did not make it easy for him in the obstacles. Some first places that taste like glory thinking that the season has only just begun.

The ORIOCX family starts the OCR season with a bang!

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