The Oriocx Etna 21 Pro challenge: Carlos Coloma Vs Albert Soley

The new Oriocx Etna 21 Pro put to the test: Albert Soley Vs Carlos Coloma

It is unprecedented that ORIOCX launches on the market the 1st Trail Running shoe with a drainage system designed and developed in Spain. That's why; At ORIOCX we have decided to organize a very special challenge in our land (La Rioja), where the ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO are put to the test. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO

Albert Soley getting ready with the ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO while Carlos Coloma checks the bike

A challenge in the natural environment of the town of Clavijo (La Rioja) that will culminate in an epic in its emblematic castle. This competition will face a professional trail running athlete versus Olympic MTB athlete. We present the opponents:
  1. Albert Soley: Catalan and international OCR (Obstacle Race) and Trail Running athlete who has collaborated in the design and development of the ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO shoe.
  2. Carlos Coloma: Olympic medalist and international MTB athlete from La Rioja. A reference in his sport and an indispensable ambassador of La Rioja.

Albert Soley on the left and Carlos Coloma on the right

Carlos Coloma pointing out Clavijo castle to Albert Soley

Who will be the fastest to reach Clavijo's castle? Albert Soley with his ETNA 21 PRO or Carlos Coloma with his MTB bike. The journey will be complicated for both due to the unevenness of the terrain and the technical complexity of some sections (cross-country areas, rocky terrain, irregular tread areas...). START OF THE CHALLENGE: At the foot of the castle both Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma meet to prepare for the start. Once they arrive, they line up and get ready: Albert adjusts his ETNA 21 PRO and Carlos checks his bike . A priori, Carlos Coloma starts with an advantage because he knows the terrain perfectly. But Albert Soley won't make it easy, because rough terrain is his specialty.

Albert Soley takes advantage at the start

Three, two, one, go! They both go shotgunned and Albert quickly gains the lead (since Carlos has to give the bike momentum). Albert certainly takes advantage of the lightness and grip of the ETNA 21 PRO to get out as fast as possible without skidding. After a hectic straight they reach the first intersection; where Albert must go through a narrow and complex track (less distance, but a big slope with obstacles along the way) while Carlos climbs the track that borders it (more distance, but easier pedaling with less slope)

Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma arrive at the first intersection

CHALLENGE MERIDIAN: Both reach the next junction almost at the same time, although Albert has a slim lead. But here Albert will have to squeeze the ETNA 21 PRO; because from here Carlos has the possibility of taking advantage of it. From this intersection Carlos will go along a track where he can go faster than Albert , while Albert has to go cross-country avoiding vegetation, rocks and a slope like a wall. At this point Albert will have to lean on the sole of his ETNA 21 PRO to avoid being hit by the rocks and the instability of the ground . In addition, in this demanding section Carlos starts with a clear advantage thanks to the speed with which he attacks the track. And here Albert is going to have to give everything so as not to fall too far behind.

Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma arrive at the second intersection

FINAL SECTION OF THE CHALLENGE: We reach the last crossroads of the competition and Carlos starts with a clear advantage Now all that remains is to give everything in the last section of the competition, which flows into the castle of Clavijo. A section in which both will go the same way, and in which they will have to take advantage of their strengths.

Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma hand in hand in the final stretch

Crossing the town of Clavijo (La Rioja) in both paved and natural areas, Albert ends up catching up with Carlos, which makes the competition interesting. So much so, that they fight the competition hand in hand until they reach the entrance of the castle . An entrance in which the irregular and winding track ascends the mountain rock until reaching the finish line.

Albert Soley climbs the rock and Carlos Coloma follows the track to reach Clavijo castle

Here Albert decides not to follow the first section of the track to climb with his ETNA 21 PRO that steep section of rock. It's a narrow track, so Carlos and Albert would have bothered each other. This is taken advantage of by Carlos, picking up speed on the track; so much so, that he momentarily overtakes Albert when he returns to the track There are only a few meters left before the competition ends, and Albert overtakes Carlos at the last moment . With that advantage he attacks the stone stairs before reaching the finish line. A few stairs where Carlos has to get off the bike and carry it.

Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma climbing the last steps

FINAL: For a few seconds, Albert arrives first with his ETNA 21 PRO to the castle of Clavijo. Followed by a tireless Carlos Coloma who has had victory within reach despite the stairs. However; They both get the best prize: Enjoying their passion for the mountains while contemplating the incredible views offered by the castle. Because in the end, both for ORIOCX and for these athletes, the most important thing is to be able to enjoy our passion for sports in the mountains. A passion that we end up transferring to everything we do. And from this passion arise our ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO; who, together with two mountain lovers such as Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma, makes himself known to the world.

Albert Soley and Carlos Coloma contemplating the views from Clavijo Castle (La Rioja)

There couldn't be a better way to introduce the ORIOCX ETNA 21 PRO, right?


Full video on @oriocx's Instagram and on youtube:

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